All-in-one sink unit for commercial vehicles and areas with limited space. The slimline unit gives people the access to an effective hand wash in the most restricted circumstances. Ideal for the busy engineers and drivers of fleet vehicles across a wide range of industries.

Product Features
  • Slimline and compact making it suitable for delivery vehicles

  • Can be wall mounted in an internal environment

  • Self-contained unit with easy-fill 5L storage tank, providing enough water for up to 25x 20 second hand washes

  • Grey water is drained into a removable collection tank

  • Unit includes Soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, 5L grey water collection drum and waste bin

  • Can be branded with your own logo

Improved features:

  • Manufactured from powder coated steel for increased strength

  • Improved drainage area

  • Fill level indicators for clean and grey water

  • Pre-drilled fixing holes

Weight: 9.7KG (not inc. water and consumables

Dimensions: 480 x 660 x 143mm (WxHxD)

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